Craftsman  Manual  Automotive Jack Stand  2-1/4 ton

Craftsman Manual Automotive Jack Stand 2-1/4 ton

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Product Description

Crafted from rugged steel and protected from strength–robbing corrosion by a coat of tough enamel, this Craftsman 2 1/4 ton jack stands 2 pk holds car and truck in place, so you can get to work. Featuring rugged welded joint construction, each stand is sturdy, while fast-grabbing ratcheting mechanisms, equipped with counter-weight pawls lock into position fast. * * Wide and super stable, this 2 1/4 ton jack stands 2 pk is also equipped with a pair of wide saddles that grip both frame and chassis easily. Easy to store, fast to deploy and built to last, add this set to your shop and get sturdy performance you can count on. *
  • Enamel protection helps prevent corrosion
  • 4,500 lb. capacity
  • Wide stable base


  • Brand Name: Craftsman
  • Mechanism Type: Manual
  • Product Type: Automotive Jack Stand
  • Weight Capacity: 2-1/4 ton
  • Maximum Lift Height: 17-1/8 in.
  • Color: Black
  • Packaging Type: Boxed
  • ANSI Certified: No
  • Material: Steel
  • Click here to see the Safety Data Sheets for this product